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“Pandas/Pans: proposal for the creation of a national database, shared diagnostic-therapeutic guidelines and use of Artificial Intelligence for diagnosis and treatment” coordinated by Prof. Alberto Spalice and proposed by Dr. M. Capponi (Department of Maternal and Child and Urological Sciences, Sapienza University of Rome) urged by PANDAS Italia ODV.
It is the title of one of the two winning projects of the Pediatric Research call announced for 2022 by SIP, Italian Society of Pediatrics.

The project, which began a few months ago with a series of meetings between clinical researchers, stems from the need repeatedly communicated and requested to the Italian and European PANS community by PANDAS Italia ODV to study the epidemiology of the syndrome and sees the collaboration of (in alphabetical order):

Pediatric Clinic University of Cagliari (Prof. S. Savasta)
Pediatric Clinic University of Catania (Prof. P. Pavone)
Paediatric G. Gaslini, Genova (I.R.C.C.S)
Neuropsichiatric Department (Prof. E. De Grandis)
Pediatric Clinic University of Messina, Neuropsychiatry Department (Prof. A. Gagliano)
Policlinico Umberto I Dip. Maternal and Child Paediatric Area Sapienza University of Rome (Prof. A. Spalice, Dr. M. Capponi Dr. C. Guido, Prof. M. Pasquini – Neurosciences Department).

Decisive for the development of the project was and will be the contribution of Engineer Luigi Ottoboni, volunteer member of PANDAS Italia ODV and expert in Artificial Intelligence, who a few years ago proposed and made available free of charge to the entire community PANS / PANDAS its wide expertise through the creation of a Machine Learning, already active, able to predict the therapeutic success of IVIG and corticosteroids through the use of data provided anonymously by 304 parents of Italian PANS or PANDAS patients and by the much larger database (also anonymous and in compliance with EU and US privacy directives) in the United States.

The publication of the project will provide Clinicians, especially Pediatricians, with a very important technological tool for the diagnosis and treatment of young patients and the entire scientific community an estimate of the epidemiological prevalence of the syndrome through the creation of a national Database.

PANDAS Italia ODV thanks the Italian Society of Pediatrics in the person of its President, Prof. A. Staiano, for the commitment and resources made available to young researchers, all the clinicians of the university centers involved and all the professionals and collaborators who take part in the project.

For more information contact the secretariat of PANDAS Italia ODV:

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